City branding strategy as a condition for activating development potentials

Zbornik sa druge naučno-stručne konferencije SKEI 2017
4. јула 2017.
Definisanje ličnosti brenda grada: kako književnost može da pomogne?
28. маја 2019.


dr Aleksandar M. Dejanović; dr Jelena M. Lukić

Apstrakt (engleski jezik):

City branding strategy is one of the most important conditions for activating development potentials, primarily in the city area, but also in a broader context. The purpose of a city branding strategy is to develop a unique image of a city as an attractive and competitive place. The aim of this paper is to emphasize the role and significance of a brand strategy in the process of city development, that is, in creating, attracting and retaining the best organisations, professionals, investors, events, tourists and media attention. The paper presents the results of the empirical research carried out in the town of Vranje, Serbia, using a specially designed questionnaire. The responses were collected in October and November 2017 from 195 inhabitants and 194 visitors of this town. The results of the research clearly indicated what should be key elements for branding Vranje in the future.

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